Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today we have a choice

Some days feel like a testament, to the fact that life is full of joy yet surrounded by inescapable pain. This day is like a painting someone has set to the side. The sun rises to bring beautiful ideas, yet the artist shut the blinds. Some days seem like a lesson to be learned. With an open mind anything can happen. Those times when the pain is overwhelming, the awareness of the suffering of others and the loss at what action to take to help is overwhelming. Those days where there is a knowing within the sadness and  suffering there is something beautiful waiting,unfortunately,or fortunately, this beauty is ever so slightly of reach.
                To breathe in suffering and breathe out compassion, to combine your heart with the heart of the world and understand that we all suffer, we all feel pain, we are emotional beings. Just take a moment and really be with the earth grounded in the forest. Some days are like waiting for the music to begin and realizing everyone has left the stage, the clouds come in and  rain falls.
In the midst of that, what you must remember is without the rain there would be no flowers, so let each drop sink into your skin and remind you that you are alive. Let the water just wash away any ideas of pain, and know that deep warming sunlight is waiting to bare down once more into your skin. Again in the middle of pouring rain find ways to be kind, sincere, and just. Find ways to express your tears breathe love in and move on. Step into the sunlight surrounded by the flowers to create your crown of yellow dandelions, breathing out and allowing the dandelion puff to dance off into the wind as you blow it off the stalk.

Conceding fully to Divine grace
Could you be?
A discovery of adventures which lay ahead
Due to gentle persuasion of the universe
Could you be?
of this moment in indecision
Look inward, become fully acquainted with self
Could you be?
Involved completely caressing eternal self
Deep within the lake that becomes mind
You will be
An adventure daring to fly ahead
Gently joining the universe dancing in sky
You have decided
Turn inside, to love self as a dear friend
Dive surrounded by freshness
Be mindful of the rushing in this body of water

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